About Boston Gameloop

a crowd at a past gameloop conference
Who organizes this event?

Boston GameLoop is run and operated by BostonFIG, a volunteer organization dedicated to fostering the next generation of game creators. We’d love to see you at Boston GameLoop, BostonFIG Fest, Talks, Learns, or one of our other future events!

Is GameLoop worth it?

This will be the 10th GameLoop and we regularly have more than 120 participants. Many are repeat attendees. Devs from as far away as San Francisco attend, and we've had devs from big-name studios like Harmonix, BioWare Montreal, and Bethesda Game Studios. We've also had devs from super-awesome indie studios like Dejobaan, Owlchemy Labs, and The Molasses Flood.

If you'd like to know more about what it's like to attend Boston GameLoop, check out David Evans' blog post.